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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beyond Naschy #10 - EYEBALL (1975)

The new Beyond Naschy episode brings us another giallo and our first chance to talk about director Umbeto Lenzi. If you are only familiar with Lenzi's work through his horror movies EYEBALL might come as a shock. We discuss the amazing number of highly entertaining (and competently made!) films from this under-sung Italian genius (?) and speak about his skill at crafting fun tales.

EYEBALL is a very fast and witty murder mystery that has a number of pluses and very few minuses. One of the best elements is the energetic, exciting score by maestro Bruno Nicolai which is peppered throughout the show. Of course, the main, reoccurring theme will be familiar to longtime NaschyCast listeners but there are several other melodious tracks. The discussion ranges all over the film with each of us finding it amusing that the cast of American tourists in Spain are very much like a group of typical stereotypes from an Irwin Allen disaster epic - TOWERING EYEBALL INFERNO, perhaps? And Troy comes another step down the path of accepting that a Giallo is always going to screw you by withholding vital need-to-know information - Guessing the murderer's identity is the only chance you have because empirical evidence is useless in one of these thrillers. You just gotta enjoy the ride!

I have to give a nod to the excellent plot synopsis by Nick Thomson from his great blog DeadShed Productions. His clever way with words helped us dive into this film and give its due.  I recommend checking  his site. if you have any feedback for us please write to or visit us over on the Book of Faces NaschyCast page. And, thank you downloading and listening! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

NaschyCast #43.5 - The Daninsky Files

After too long a time the NaschyCast returns to the world of El Hombre Lobo! Having covered all eleven of the Waldemar Daninsky film over the course of the podcast your two hosts have decided to weigh in on how the series stacks up. We each rank the films from favorite to least favorite with a surprise digital guest appearance by our Man in the Field - Dan! Yep- in a strange, jumbled way we have Dan join us (through the magic of painstaking editing) to list off his thoughts on the Daninsky movies as well. You just never know what surprises will be up our hairy sleeve.

Of course, it wouldn't be the NaschyCast without a number of digressions and tangents so expect some conversation about Lester Dent pulp stories; Derek Robinson World War One novels about fighter pilots; the epic-length science fiction of Peter R. Hamilton; bizarre combinations of music and werewolf imagery; and Rod's brief review of Argento's DRACULA film. We narrowly avoid a discussion of ARCHER so be happy we have some self-control. Also, the feedback section is packed with fun tidings including an MP3 piece from a new writer to the show and a couple of other Spanish Horror fans chiming in with their own rankings of the lycanthrope cinema of Senor Naschy. It's a fun time for all involved! If you would like to add your two cents worth you can write us at or join us over on the Facebook page. And thank you for downloading and listening! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NaschyCast 36.5 - Year Three Review!

Oh, my goodness! Has it really been three years? Well, yes! It has been that long and so its time for another Year End Wrap Up episode. This group of twelve Naschy movies had a few highs and several lows, as you might expect, but I think we certainly plumbed the depths in a couple of cases.Com along and join Troy and I as we look back over the last 12 months of podcasts and reexamine and, in some cases, reevaluate the Spanish cinema we have previously dissected. There are a few surprises along the way.

As you might expect there are a few digressions as we run through our lists but not too many. In the mailbag we have a fun email from regular correspondent Mark and as a bonus we have short interview with Nashville convention producer Marc Ballard giving us the lowdown on the upcoming show that your humble NaschyCasters will be attending in May. I must say that I'm excited by the chance to meet several of the professionals that will be there including the amazing comic book writer/artist Jim Starlin! I've been a fan of his work for decades. Wow.

If you have questions for us you can write at or join us over at the NaschyCast Facebook page.  If you subscribe through iTunes please rate and/or review us over in the Store. It would really help us out. Thanks for listening! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Naschycast #31.5 - LORNA, THE EXORCIST (1974)

For the first time in many moons we bring you a .5 episode. We have always used these non-Naschy shows to highlight Spanish horror films of note and often there is a connection to the films of Paul Naschy. In this case there isn’t a direct association but we decided to cover LORNA THE EXORCIST for different reasons - not because of its Spanish born director Jess Franco but because of its lovely star- Lina Romay. When Miss Romay passed away earlier this year Troy and I were stunned, as were most of her fans. We had no idea she was in ill health and her most recent public appearances with longtime companion Franco had shown us the typical smiling, supportive lady we’ve come to know and love. As fans of her beauty and her screen talent we felt we had to do something to mark her passing and with this film we feel we’ve found a very good piece of work to discuss. Little seen for decades LORNA sports a brave, nuanced performance from Lina and, barring a sub-plot we found questionable, it is an excellent example of Franco’s 1970s Franco low-budget transgressive esthetic. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sing her praises and we hope everyone will get some enjoyment out of our conversation.

We had a lot of fun talking about the film's Faustian plot, interesting sea imagery, strange locations and copious nudity. Did I mention the nudity? Oh- and I manage to create a new descriptive phrase I expect will sweep the nation in the coming weeks- 'Obliquely Clear!' Start using it now and avoid the rush.  I think we covered most aspects of the movie pretty well but if you have something to add (and we hope you do!) please write us at and let us know how you would rate this intriguing effort. The mailbag section is petty amazing this time out with me going off on a rant about the Universal Horror Blu-Rays and - in a real surprise- Troy rants about Gamera DVDs.  Will wonders never cease? You can find us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page or at the email address above. The show can be downloaded from the link below, found in the iTunes Store or streamed through Stitcher Radio.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Naschycast 25.5 - Year Two Retrospective!

NOBODY EXPECTS A YEAR END RETROSPECTIVE SHOW! Unless you noticed we did one last year. And the Spanish Inquisition hasn't popped by for tea lately. Our year end wrap-up show is finally here and its a pretty fun time. We wax rhapsodic about the joys of our Year Two discoveries and shake our heads in dismay at the films that disappointed us. As we discuss our individual lists from worst to best we take the opportunity to look at each movie a second time and see how our opinions might have changed over the last few months. In some cases there has been some movement and in some cases that movement has been downward. Its a good way to think about Naschy's work and as always we try to consider if each film would be a good introduction for a new potential fan. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to guess.

The mailbag segment once again proves to be a blast. We talk about Mr. Magoo, Lina Romay, American sounding names, the REC movies, porn Dracula and the terrible Bond film A VIEW TO A KILL. We even get to hear sad tales of the unfortunate fates of childhood Planet of the Apes toys. If you want to add your stories of brutalized hunks of cherished rubber and plastic please drop us a line. The email address is or you can visit us on the Facebook page where 'like' means love. And if you get the show through iTunes please think about reviewing the show there. It really helps us get some attention. And don't forget to vote for us in the Rondo Awards! You have until April the first so run over there now! LINK

Naschycast #25.5 LINK

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NaschyCast #24.5 - Beyond Naschy- HORROR EXPRESS (1972)

We have the pleasure of finally bringing you the show we have threatened/promised for over a year -HORROR EXPRESS! The film that some call the best Spanish horror film ever made gets the NaschyCast treatment and to keep things interesting we've brought along a friend. Randy Fox has known your boisterous hosts for longer than any of us would care to think about. He is a warm, unique individual and his enthusiasm for movies of all types is second only to his knowledge of esoteric subjects. Where else are you going to find someone fascinated by Russian history who is also a fanatical gun collector? Throw in the fact that he's a Godzilla fan of the highest order and has been known to track the elusive Bigfoot in his spare time and its easy to see why we value his opinion. On some things.

So join this mad trio of movie nuts as we discuss the sheer wonder of this film and touch upon the many joys it holds. We talk about the magic of the year that was 1972; learn about old porno theaters in Nashville; speak about the surprise of Christopher Lee as an action hero; talk about the fantastic film team of Cushing & Lee; discuss what kind of edged weapon a Cossack would use to stab lesser mortals; remark on the difficulty of acting while blinded by special effects; thrill at seeing Helga Line again; and experience the joy of having character actor Victor Isreal pop up just to be choked out. The train is leaving the station in Peking- or is it Shanghai? Regardless- hop aboard and hang on as we hurtle through the cold winter night while a monster stalks our every step.

Remember to drop us a note at or visit us over on the NaschyCast Facebook page. Follow the download link below as usual or grab the show from iTunes. And for extra fun here are the various weapons we play with during the podcast. Randy has helpfully labeled them so everyone can see what we're talking about.

NaschyCast 24.5 LINK!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

NaschyCast #13.5 - Beyond Naschy - I HATE MY BODY (1974)

In our first ‘Beyond Naschy’ episode we take a look at Leon Klimovosky’s bizarre gender switch film I HATE MY BODY (1974). To call this a strange film is to undervalue the concept of weird cinema. I have no idea how folks who might have seen this movie at a drive-in theater in the 1970s actually reacted but I can guess that stunned shock would be at least a fairly common response. Until I can dig up a detailed interview with director Klimovsky we will just have to speculate on the reasons for choosing such an outlandish story but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and it shouldn’t stop you either. We make sure to not spoil too much of this hard-to-find bit of sleazy Euro-trash even as our discussion rambles all over the place. We talk about the use and misuse of voiceovers, the definition of lesbian sex and the choice of pet names in a relationship. Please forgive my occasional cough as I work my way through a headcold and be glad that, unlike Troy, you weren’t in the room when I had to blow my nose. We can be reached at and the podcast can be found on iTunes. We look forward to your thoughts.

NaschyCast # 13.5

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NaschyCast #12.5 - Looking Back & Forward

For the first time in a while we give you a bonus episode! Now that we've completed a full year of podcasts Troy and I take a breath, relax and look back at the dozen Naschy films we've covered so far. We rank them from worst to best and debate the relative merits of each film once again in relation to Naschy's career and our own reactions to them. Troy's hatred for mummies still shines as his largest film-lover's failure but I have assurances that if I keep forcing him to rewatch VENGEANCE OF THE MUMMY he will eventually relent. The hardest part is propping open his eyes with the little toothpicks.

We also take a look into our mailbag and read out a few recent missives. It's a lot of fun to hear from our fellow Naschy fans and we learn some amazing things from this batch of emails. Keep'em coming to and let us know if you'd rather not have your words read out on the show. Thanks!

NaschyCast 12.5 LINK